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R410A Refrigerant Gas is a colorless gas under standard atmospheric conditions and a colorless & transparent liquid under pressure. When using cylinder with dip-tubes, R-410A can be charged while the cylinder is upright. However, when the cylinder doesn’t have dip-tubes, it has to be kept upside-down to charge with liquid from the cylinder.

"The long term substitute for R22. R410A is used mainly in the air conditioner and non-centrifugal refrigerating systems"

FormulaCH2F2 (50%)
CHF2CF3 (50%)
Molecular weight (Da)72.6
Melting point (°C)−155
Boiling point (°C)−48.5
Liquid density (30°C), kg/m31040
Vapour density (30°C), air=1.03
Vapour pressure at 21.1°C (MPa)1.383
Critical temperature (°C)72.8
Critical pressure, Mpa4.9
Gas heat capacity (kJ/(kg·°C))0.84
Liquid heat capacity @ 1 atm, 30°C, (kJ/(kg·°C))1.8
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When compared to R22 refrigerant gas, R410A AC gas absorbs and emits better heat keeping your compressor cool. In addition to this, it can operate at high pressures, so compressors in units are designed to withstand high pressure and will not break easily. 

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