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Methylacetylene-propadiene propylene, commonly known as MAP-Propylene, was introduced as an hotter alternative to propane. The product is ideal for brazing and silver soldering pipework because of its hotter flame temperature of 3600°F giving it optimum burning performance and shortened job time.

Faster heat transfer than propane fuel.
Slim, lightweight disposable cylinder is easy to grip and maneuver.
Increased flame temperature of 3600°F.
Suitable for a wide range of soldering and brazing tasks.
Ideal for silver solder brazing of refrigeration pipework.
Cylinders can be vented after use with vent key then disposed of as scrap steel.
Carry out hotter working tasks without the need for an oxy-fuel or oxyacetylene 2 cylinder set up.
Dangers and inconveniences of acetylene/oxygen eliminated.

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“INFERNO ® is not your ordinary gas cartridge. It is a BRAND”

INFERNO ® finds itself as the bridge between the premium and the emerging brands, offering premium quality at a price that’ll keep your pocket remain heavy.

% industrial gases dubai | UAE | middle Europe%

For the small-scale user INFERNO® is highly desirable, having higher flame temp. and energy densities than any flame except acetylene/oxygen, but without the dangers and inconveniences of acetylene/oxygen.

Underwater Cutting

Requires high gas pressures (under such pressures acetylene polymerizes explosively, making it dangerous to use)


Used in combination with oxygen for welding. MAP propylene/oxygen can in practice be used for welding small steel parts.


Used in combustion with air for brazing and soldering because of its higher combustion temperature of 2,020 °C (3,670 °F) in air.

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