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GASPECS is an industrial gas provider specialized in the wide range of specialty gases, calibration gases, refrigerant gases, MAPP gas, and gas related equipment & accessories. We believe in providing one stop solution to our clients for their every gas related requirement across the globe. Strategically located in the heart of UAE we are connecting single every dot on the planet earth.

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GASPECS Refrigerants

Safeguarding food, protecting the environment, and enhancing human comfort, GASPECS is irrevocably committed to cater best refrigerant gas. We cater wide range of refrigerant gases including R22, R134A, R404A, R32, R290, R407C, R410A, R417A, R507, R600A, R1270 and many more low GWP refrigerant gases for refrigeration.
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INFERNO - MAP/Propylene Gas

Methylacetylene-propadiene propylene, commonly known as MAP-Propylene, was introduced as an hotter alternative to propane. The product is ideal for brazing and silver soldering pipework because of its hotter flame temperature of 3600°F giving it optimum burning performance and shortened job time.

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