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Our commitment to our customers is to go beyond their expectation after they transact with one of the best industrial gas company in Dubai.

Broad Spectrum

Many critical applications require gases of high and ultra-high purity. We analyze various trace level impurities and certification of quality is issued for the same detailing the maximum impurity levels.

Our offerings are aligned with NIST, USA traceable high accuracy scales combined with the state-of-the-art cylinder preparation techniques to ensure most accurate and stable mixture in the industry.

At GASPECS we feel proud to become our clients single source of gas related equipment such as flowmeters, regulators, and gas detection system that ensures safety while protecting the integrity and purity of your gas.

GASPECS is irrevocably committed to support its customers with the most versatile range of refrigerant gases. Our broad spectrum of refrigerant gases includes HCFCs, HFCs, HCs, Low GWP Alternatives, Secondary Refrigerants, and Natural Refrigerants.


  • Environmental Monitoring

    Gas chromatography detectors and sensors are calibrated with instrument gas and environmental calibration gas mixtures.

  • Gas Detection

    A variety of flammable and toxic gas detectors, including FID, ECD, and PID, are bump tested and calibrated with calibration gas mixtures.

  • Petrochemical Processing

    Calibrating instruments used for evaluation and assessment of the physical, mechanical, rheological, thermal, and chemical properties.

  • Toxic Gases

    Measurement of toxic gases present in parts per million (ppm) and parts per billion (ppb)is very important. In the workplace pose a risk to life.

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We believe that 80% of the business is dependent on communication. Our sourcing specialists along with logistic experts account for effective supply chain practices.

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Leveraging our significant techno-commercial knowledge, we provide consultation to our customers to help them decide the most suitable solution for their respective application.

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Our Commitment to our costumers is to go beyond their expectations after they transact with one of the best industrial gas company in dubai

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Commercial volatility of the gas industry is inevitable. Being a customer-centric company, we provide competitive pricing based on a standard product offering.

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